I think it might be done

So I have been working on this piece off and on for a minute now. I’m not mad at it but I am also not in love with it. Maybe it isn’t finished — it’s hard to think clearly. My studio is freezing. I have no heat and it is like 30 degrees outside. My toes are actually complaining!!!

It’s funny how things don’t have to be perfect to be worth it. I wonder how much time we waste not being fully engaged in our dreams and our life while we wait for the pieces to fit perfectly.

My studio is freezing and there is lathe plaster peeling off the walls in places. But it has a wonderful vibe and it fits me!! It is my happy place. It makes me happier than a bird who found a French fry!!!!

Have a good week. Don’t be afraid to cheerfully create imperfect art or to live an imperfect life!!



On the road again ….

No I’m not gone missing just on a road trip with Mr.

Here’s a peak at some of the art journal pages I created while sitting in the passenger seat of our truck. I create a small carry on with magazines and texts and pics in separate ziplocks. I bring some paint pens and a reliable waterproof (real not manufacturer idea of waterproof!) black pen. A glue stick some two sided tape and a water brush and watercolor pencils and ya dah!!! Hit the road toad.

Mr. And I get along much better when I art journal on the road too. He doesn’t get nagged at or co piloted as much about his bad driving (and I am talking 12 year old stole the car for the first time bad driving) and I get some backgrounds created and ideas generated. Win. Win.

Road tripping is one of my favorite things to do. …. but I like it better when I am driving and Arlo (my boxer) is in the passenger seat!! Shhhhh don’t tell Mr.

Happy New Year and here’s to a creative 2019.




Not Pretty

Okay so not every art journaling idea I have is great.

Exhibit A: because I have been sick three days now I have been drinking cups of tea and feeling sorry for myself and my traitor of a body. I thought I had ana maxing idea. Now I am willing to acknowledge it may have been the NyQuil talking!!!

Anyway back to the tea. An herbal tea I like has beautiful leaves and little softly colored flowers in it. So of course my mind (again maybe it was the fever) started thinking that maybe I could create an amazeballs journal background with the stuff. …… then again ….. maybe not!

I emptied the tea bag and spritzed with water and put a bunch of books on it to press it out. (Okay actually it was a huge box of baby wipes – but books sounds more artsy). I expected to open it just now and find lovely floral smells and muted natural colors all washed into the page in a wreath shape and I would use watercolors and stuff to art it up!!

Pic above is what it actually looked like. Nope — nothing. Just greyish greenish mess. But never say die and I am working with it today in between other cups of tea and coughing fits.

Check back tomorrow for finished product. Maybe it will be soooo beautiful and organic and smell of flowers. Stop laughing — Hey it could happen.

Now to finish that imperfect art of mine.



Taking Tickets

Okay so I got tricked into taking tickets at Mr.’s Christmas choir performance and so today’s Blog-Mas is a pop art pop up at the last minute.

This page began as a magazine page I cut things out of. I used sharpie paint pens on top of the pic.

Remember you don’t have to know how to draw to enjoy art journaling. You could cut and paste, graffiti or whatever you enjoy. Stickers and stamps are a great way to begin. Just keep telling yourself it is for you not others — and have fun!

Have a good weekend and take some time for yourself to cheerfully create something imperfect.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth your time.




Burn baby Burn (13)

Today’s BlogMas is an art journal page I created from a magazine page. I loved this image and actually created the background to go with the pic. It spoke to me.

I usually do make backgrounds ahead of time – it’s a good way to be creative and just relax – you are just sticking stuff here and there or spray painting a stencil or mask. Maybe Mark making or ink blobbing — so no pressure.

Sometimes when creating I will wipe off my brush or maybe press the used stencil on a blank journal page. Then use that as a beginning when creating a background later for my art journal.

This layout speaks to my feeling a bit rushed – hot and frantic at times. I like to be busy but it can be just too crazy at times. My mind is usually feverishly going over whatever I am dreaming or worrying about so this image worked well with that idea.

You can Journal through your images in this way.

Happy Thursday.