Room Key or paintbrush…

I saw a thing on you tube a bit ago about this artist who used only a credit card or room Key type plastic card to apply his paint.

I decided to play with that idea. It is taking me a lot longer to apply the heavy body acrylic paint than I thought — but it is fun to see the changes to the piece as I fill in the flowers etc.

I will use this technique later this week in my art journal pages so I am counting it as art journaling in July!!! Or maybe I will just plop this canvas up on my color copier and simply push a button and have my background done!!

Play with your creativity. It is supposed to be fun you know !!


Buy Your Ticket / Take Your Ride

Sometimes life feels like a roller coaster to me. It seems like there are so many ups and downs. That is the motivation for this layout.

I guess the trick is to –love whatever happens on this crazy ride.

I am busy creating and playing with some of the stuff I got at market. I will post pics soon.

Have a good weekend and remember neither life or art has to be perfect to be great!!



Mixed Media Mavens

I told you guys I would post about my Experience down here at Market with my good friends from Texas —

Here we go.

I was genuinely surprised at how nice everyone was from the different scrapbooking and mixed media companies.

I am just starting my small retail business in my studio in Pocatello, Idaho and was sure that I was too small potatoes (get the Idaho play on words there –) for these companies whose names I recognized and whose products I have used for years. Okay So i haven’t used all their products for years …. some of them — more like since last Tuesday …. but I use them.

Take a look at these pics of my two days at Market. graphic 45

Flowers In Her Hair

So for the next few days I am at CHA with some ladies from Texas. Well to be honest I only know two of the four ladies so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt!!

Today’s pic is an art journal page I worked on and finished yesterday while Mr. was visiting with a friend. I can not swear to it – but I bet the friend asked a philosophy question. (I told you he was verbose on this topic)

I was playing with colored pencils and fine tip markers and Matt medium on this layout about happy little things.

Thanks for checking out the blog today. I will post pics from CHA next blog post. If during the weekend you didn’t get to the creative thing you were hoping to do — don’t worry that’s what is so great about Mondays—- we start our lists all over.

Here’s to cheerfully creating “happy little things” whenever we can make time!!!


Orange you glad you Art Journal

So here is a two page spread I did in one of my 8×11 art journals. I was feeling very “orange”. Don’t know why but I was.

I used a paper towel that I had been soaking up paint with as the background for left side. An old tag some doodles of nonsense and flowers, and a few clippings of text from a magazine page that spoke to me — then glaze the whole thing and ya ya tadah!

Hope you are having a good day and able to carve some time out for creative play of some type. Baking, drawing, gardening, home decor… the list goes on and on (kind of like my Mr. when you ask him a philosophy question!!! Just Sayin).

Journaling in July continues. Check back again. Thanks.


Art Journaling in July

Here are several pages of art journaling I have done. Often I just use journaling to vent or play. I know many artist who use their art journal pages specifically to try out new art techniques or to create new and interesting palettes with notes and ideas. — My journals tend to be more like the absent minded professor trying to record his mad experiments. (Such as the recent string theory!)

Often I simply journal. If I am really angry at Mr. for example – I will write all the mean and nasty things I would not want to say out loud but am thinking. It is very helpful and healing. I have learned however to paint over those words later because I would go back and read it and become angry all over again!!! –Rookie Mistake!!

So take a gander Alexander and feel free to copy ideas and patterns etc. for your own art journaling play. I do!

I never and you should Never copy something and sell it as your own though. That is just scum baggy. I am just talking about trying to duplicate techniques or ideas that you see that you think might be awesome to art journal. Oh, and don’t believe the lie that if you spit in your mask when swimming it won’t fog up — that never works!!

Art is free and there is almost no new art. It has all been done before and will all be done again. (Only maybe in fluorescent colors!)


This is one of those mad at Mr. pages.

more pages to come…