Donna Downey

Teach me Obie-won!!!

I am on my way to a workshop at the amazeballs Donna and Bill Downey Studios in North Carolina!! I am so excited to learn how to make the most of my art studio space (other than fling paint and mix media!!! I got that).

I have been waiting for six months to come to this workshop and feel so lucky to be able to learn from her experiences with her own studio over the last 15 years.

Wish me luck!!

A few days after I get back this art journal gypsy kicks off her 2018 traveling with a craft tour to … wait for it …. Ireland!!! Can’t wait to share pics and what I learn. Wanna come along!!

Instagram: gypsy_sherri

Facebook: Sherri timmons

I choose to cheerfully create imperfect art! Thanks for checking in!



Author: artjournalgypsy10

I am a mixed media artist. An art journal gypsy who finds beauty in the perfectly imperfect (even before it was cool)!! I choose to cheerfully create imperfect art while traveling and at my studio in Idaho when I'm not.

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