String Theory

Some days I art journal doodle and some days I practice a new technique and yet others — I complain and cry and journal. Lucky for you guys today was a play day!!! Trust me it’s not pretty on the cry and complain days.

I took a piece of string and soaked it with the Phthalo Green in the Hydrus watercolor inks of the Dr Ph. Martin’s line. i placed it all squiggly on the journal page and then closed the page. Holding the book closed I pulled the string out — that’s it. It creates this cool starting point for a design. I am going to play with this tech some more and tomorrow’s page will be the result. Wish me luck. It could go either way – – kind of like when I put the purple in my hair !!

I hope you had a pleasant fourth and that your dog didn’t freak out too badly if you are around fireworks. Arlo was not a fan!!

Thanks for checking out the blog for my art journal in July series.

If you want to see some other stuff you can find me on Instagram at sherritimmons_art.



Author: artjournalgypsy10

I am a mixed media artist. An art journal gypsy who finds beauty in the perfectly imperfect (even before it was cool)!! I choose to cheerfully create imperfect art while traveling and at my studio in Idaho when I'm not.

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