Weird But True (5)

Happy December. Today was about watching the muppet Xmas movie for like the fourth time while I art journaled away. I’m gonna put the Blogmas count next to the titles of these posts (mostly so I can remember which one I am on!!)

Have you ever noticed that you are sometimes pulled towards things you know scare you?

Today’s journaling page is about just that. Sometimes I just leave the quote as the focal point because it is the star of this show. It speaks to me and for me.

Washi tapes, deco papers and Distress Inks were used in today’s background collage. I like the Distress Stains from Ranger Inc. for their portability and their ease of use. (The color will wash off with some mediums so be careful).

These stains are a great way to tie a page together with a wash of color. I really dig them when traveling– I can pack in my carry on due to their size — amazeballs!!! The ones I have (probably like 30) are from one to five years old and have never dried up, or ever frozen up on me when I am too lazy to bring them home from my studio – which has no heat.

Take a gander at yesterday’s page now finished and today’s page — a two-fer!!

if you haven’t been able to carve a few minutes out to do something creative yet this week — give yourself permission to do it now. Frosting cookies, writing a short haiku, decorating the room for Xmas — all of these and much more are art and creativity.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfectly done–to be worthwhile. I am a big fan of cheerfully created imperfect art!



DAP and rust paste.

The page I’m working on today was started by smearing and smooshing DAP on the page with a plastic spreader.

Once dry I dipped my finger in Prima’s Rust Effect Paste in gold rust. This really makes the texture created with the DAP stand out crazily!!

after smearing some shoe polish wax on top of everything I tore and cut some accents from deco papers and tissues. I haven’t quite finish with this page out so will post completed page tomorrow too.

Here’s what it looks like now. It isn’t right yet but not sure what is wrong. Sometimes you have to walk away and look at it again in the morning.

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s supposed to be fun son!!!

Have a great day and be creative!



Magazine Cut Outs

You know how at this time of year we get loads and loads of magazines — well I decided to see what text I could tear out and use from them to create an art journal spread.

It is a simple and easy way to cut and paste your way to a layout. It works great when creating an inspiration board as well.

I often do this cut or tear routine when creating one of my small travel journals. There are always those pamphlets that tell about the attractions in the area – I cut and tear interesting colors and text from them to add to my journal layouts while Mr. sleeps. (What is it about vacay that sedates the Mr. and hypes the Mrs.)???

It is surprising what you can do with a magazine or pamphlet, a glue stick and some pens (besides create a ransom note) !!

Oh— i have decided to do my version of a vlog-mas that you-tubers do. I watch several you vlog every day til Xmas.

So I will be cheerfully creating imperfect art journal stuff and sharing daily til Xmas. I think I will call it ………

No idea what to call it ……….

Got any ideas??

Remember the best thing about Monday is the opportunity to start a new week and a new list. Don’t forget to put “create” on your new list this week.



Hide your mess!

December is gonna be fun for a bunch of reasons.

It’s probably gonna be messy and unexpected and then fun again. Kind of like my art journaling.

Sometimes I start a two page spread I am sure is gonna be amazeballs —— then—– the ” oh no what happened here. I am not sure where it went wrong but wrong it went” –moment. When that happens I cover it / adjust it / alter it or leave it. …. if none of that works,

I HIDE MY MESS and begin on a new page.

Here’s a pic of a two page spread that didn’t work and so is now the base layer of a new spread.

I covered the pages with a heavy body gesso. Textured it with an old comb and a water glass. Then used an acrylic glaze to color it. A magazine text cut out completed my vanishing trick.

Don’t despair …. repair.



Spraying whip cream in my dogs mouth.

Todays confession — I give my Arlo whip cream. Today’s question – Does spraying whip cream in Arlo’s mouth make me a bad person?

I wonder about things. I always have. I care too much what others think. I always have. I was spraying Redi-Whip in Arlo’s mouth today and found myself caring what someone would think about that.

The sick part about people like me who give a dang what others think about their behavior and activities, is that we also care what our own inner art critic thinks. Not the inner loving self – we seldom listen to her as much – but the inner critic who criticizes and intimidates.

I wonder why that is? I’d like to blame it on my childhood or the Diet Coke I drink non stop or religion or the purple streaks in my hair but NOPE! I give voice to that inner critic and I give it power. Identifying when it is present and needing to stop it is part of art journaling and “arting” in general.

If you, like me, art journal and find yourself listening as the inner critic says that it looks ugly or muddy — or crapped not collaged– we need to tell our inner critic to take a seat while we make this art journal page.

Creative criticism is good and healthy. But our inner critic is often something that stops creativity and taste sour.

Here’s to us creating something that brings us pleasure this weekend and actually allowing it to do just that.

Let’s try to be as happy as Arlo with whip cream all over his mouth.



It works until it doesn’t

I’ve been working on this forever. It started out as a large abstract piece. But then I decided I didn’t like it and so I darkened it up and began this woman on it. I had a postcard from Donna Downeys studio when I was there a few months ago. I decided to imitate it (see how I didn’t call it copying)!! It is a good practice to try and imitate certain styles and designs — often what begins as an imitation morphs into a project that is unique and nothing like the original imitation.

I was so frustrated with my ugly woman. She looks like her hair is slicked down like Jerry Lewis and her stomach is huge. Oh and she has no face because I was unable to commit.

Yesterday I was messing with her when my son texted me. Aha he was captured. I texted pics and asked what he thought about certain elements. He said he thought she looked like a Geisha. .. then he sent me several pics he found in the internet and you know what —- he was right. Suddenly the ugly lady that hadn’t been working for me was meant to be prettier up and Geisha-fied.

Sometimes we need to ask opinions and suggestions of those willing to give them. He helped me get un-stuck on this piece.

here she is starting to become her Geisha self

Wish me luck!!

Remember to be willing to listen to your inner artist as much as you listen to your inner critic!!



Wednesday’s Work

So thought I would share what I’m workin on this week at my little (stifling hot – man I need an air conditioner) studio!!

I will be participating in the Makers Faire in Idaho Falls on Saturday. Gonna grab Meme and some diet cokes. ( n table, chairs, canopy, display board…) and head on up. I will be demo-ing my process and will have a little make-n-take for ya.

I’m getting sneaky this time – I have a gift that people can enter to win — if they sign up for my newsletter!! By hook or crook I tells ya. I will get a newsletter going – (hey at least I’m not calling them at dinner time).

Wish me luck. And if your up that way this Saturday come by and see the Gear Goddesses. Parking Lot of Museum of Idaho, in IF.

THE Little tin is a aspirin tin from years ago. I like putting bits that open or turn on my work.

Enjoy your day and remember to carve some time out for a walk a talk or a little creative work. It’s good for you and doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfectly lovely.



Room Key or paintbrush…

I saw a thing on you tube a bit ago about this artist who used only a credit card or room Key type plastic card to apply his paint.

I decided to play with that idea. It is taking me a lot longer to apply the heavy body acrylic paint than I thought — but it is fun to see the changes to the piece as I fill in the flowers etc.

I will use this technique later this week in my art journal pages so I am counting it as art journaling in July!!! Or maybe I will just plop this canvas up on my color copier and simply push a button and have my background done!!

Play with your creativity. It is supposed to be fun you know !!


Buy Your Ticket / Take Your Ride

Sometimes life feels like a roller coaster to me. It seems like there are so many ups and downs. That is the motivation for this layout.

I guess the trick is to –love whatever happens on this crazy ride.

I am busy creating and playing with some of the stuff I got at market. I will post pics soon.

Have a good weekend and remember neither life or art has to be perfect to be great!!



Mixed Media Mavens

I told you guys I would post about my Experience down here at Market with my good friends from Texas —

Here we go.

I was genuinely surprised at how nice everyone was from the different scrapbooking and mixed media companies.

I am just starting my small retail business in my studio in Pocatello, Idaho and was sure that I was too small potatoes (get the Idaho play on words there –) for these companies whose names I recognized and whose products I have used for years. Okay So i haven’t used all their products for years …. some of them — more like since last Tuesday …. but I use them.

Take a look at these pics of my two days at Market. graphic 45