Art Journaling in July

Here are several pages of art journaling I have done. Often I just use journaling to vent or play. I know many artist who use their art journal pages specifically to try out new art techniques or to create new and interesting palettes with notes and ideas. — My journals tend to be more like the absent minded professor trying to record his mad experiments. (Such as the recent string theory!)

Often I simply journal. If I am really angry at Mr. for example – I will write all the mean and nasty things I would not want to say out loud but am thinking. It is very helpful and healing. I have learned however to paint over those words later because I would go back and read it and become angry all over again!!! –Rookie Mistake!!

So take a gander Alexander and feel free to copy ideas and patterns etc. for your own art journaling play. I do!

I never and you should Never copy something and sell it as your own though. That is just scum baggy. I am just talking about trying to duplicate techniques or ideas that you see that you think might be awesome to art journal. Oh, and don’t believe the lie that if you spit in your mask when swimming it won’t fog up — that never works!!

Art is free and there is almost no new art. It has all been done before and will all be done again. (Only maybe in fluorescent colors!)


This is one of those mad at Mr. pages.

more pages to come…

A couple of quick pics.

Okay so I am a bit behind and I have good excuses but does anyone really ever want them wether they are good or not–no I say no!!!

So here are sat., sun., and mon pages. There are blasts from the pasts and a current page. Take a look!

I am having to shush that inner critic because of already falling behind on my July art journaling dream but I gave her an Oreo so she can’t talk –and then we (and when I say we, I mean I) pick up our big girl panties and hop back on the art journaling train.

On some of these pages I doodle and on some pages I just glue in stuff and journal. Here are examples of both.

Thanks for checking in. And don’t forget we don’t have to do it perfectly. Even imperfectly has value and worth.

Delayed doesn’t mean denied!!!


Oops I did it again!!

You know that minute when you think –“oops I shouldn’t have done that !!” Well that’s what today’s art journaling was about.

Today’s pages were a lesson in what not to do while using the new technique with string I showed you yesterday. —

Seriously I felt like I was on a crash course with bad art– it is not pretty! Im thinking this new string theory and I may have to break up! The thrill is gone – it’s over rover- the captain is leaving the ship- the fat lady is singing– etc etc.

Take a gander Alexander …. if……….dare……

I’ve pretty much decided that my problem was trying to do too much “stuff” to the string form I originally started with.

You know it’s like when you put on eye shadow and decide you can add one more color — nope! Or when you are carrying in the groceries and are sure you can take all those bags so you won’t have to come back out for another load (yep then you watch your lettuce roll down the driveway).

But hey even making cheerfully created imperfect art is more fun than anything else to me!! Hope you get time (even if you have to steal it) to create this weekend.

Cheerfully Create


String Theory

Some days I art journal doodle and some days I practice a new technique and yet others — I complain and cry and journal. Lucky for you guys today was a play day!!! Trust me it’s not pretty on the cry and complain days.

I took a piece of string and soaked it with the Phthalo Green in the Hydrus watercolor inks of the Dr Ph. Martin’s line. i placed it all squiggly on the journal page and then closed the page. Holding the book closed I pulled the string out — that’s it. It creates this cool starting point for a design. I am going to play with this tech some more and tomorrow’s page will be the result. Wish me luck. It could go either way – – kind of like when I put the purple in my hair !!

I hope you had a pleasant fourth and that your dog didn’t freak out too badly if you are around fireworks. Arlo was not a fan!!

Thanks for checking out the blog for my art journal in July series.

If you want to see some other stuff you can find me on Instagram at sherritimmons_art.



Art Journaling in July

Today’s layout is very Delusions ish. I am a fan of Dyan Reaveley who is the creator of the Dylusions brand and enjoy seeing her journal pages that she posts. She often takes bits of magazines and then enjoys using markers and paints and whatever she wants to play with on the page. She usually puts a phrase or word with it.

So here is mine. It is about not measuring everyone else by our ideas but rather giving them the right to choose and learn and grow and decide for themselves.

If you need a way to start a page consider just cutting out things that you like from a magazine and gluing them in. Art journaling is about creating for you or creating a place to try different styles — or creating a place to set your donut holes on while you drink your Diet Coke — but maybe that’s just me!!

See ya tomorrow. Enjoy your Fourth of July.

Journal in July

Wanna take a peek of my Art Journaling in July?? Wanna art journal but not sure how to start?? Why not follow me as I share my pages each day this month.

I will art journal everyday in July and post the pages to share them with you.

So if you want to check out some art journaling in July – check back each day.

Today’s example counts as two!! I am posting my pages for July 1 and July 2.

The “blooming” face was my take on the idea of blooming wherever I am. My journaling is often a reflection of an idea that is on my mind.

I drove by a sign that read,” bloom wherever you are”. It made me think about creating happiness and I really do believe that being happy takes work for most women. Thus the quote about working at being happy. I used old magazine pages that had colorful pictures and just cut leaf like shapes out of them. And created the flower.

The second page is a statement. My studio is my happy place. I feel happy as soon as I walk into the studio no matter what is going on outside of the studio.

These two art journal pages are simple and basic. If you want to art journal and don’t know how to start– why not follow along with me this month and use the same prompts.

Here’s to cheerfully creating in July.

Donna Downey

Teach me Obie-won!!!

I am on my way to a workshop at the amazeballs Donna and Bill Downey Studios in North Carolina!! I am so excited to learn how to make the most of my art studio space (other than fling paint and mix media!!! I got that).

I have been waiting for six months to come to this workshop and feel so lucky to be able to learn from her experiences with her own studio over the last 15 years.

Wish me luck!!

A few days after I get back this art journal gypsy kicks off her 2018 traveling with a craft tour to … wait for it …. Ireland!!! Can’t wait to share pics and what I learn. Wanna come along!!

Instagram: gypsy_sherri

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I choose to cheerfully create imperfect art! Thanks for checking in!