Botanical Beauty

So Mr. And I did a self tour through the botanical gardens in Kauai today. We loved the McBryde Garden. The Allerton Garden is right across the way from McBryde –and looks amaze balls as well.

It was lovely to see the huge banyan trees, bread fruit, mango and coconut trees.

The people were warm and welcoming. We purchased a boxed lunch and enjoyed it in one of the many shaded areas. If you get the chance you should definitely check it out.

Millie the Mermaid liked it and I took a couple of pics to share.

Hawaii isn’t Mexico

So you may have noticed that the last post hardly looked like it was in Mexico.

You are correct!! Mr. And I are in Hawaii and it is a loooong story. The short version is that it is our wedding anniversary trip and the tropical storm they were having in Mexico meant rain every day all day long for the week we were supposed to be there. So of course that would be no fun at all.

So we hopped onto Costco travel and tadah– here we are. We have mud ATV toured and zip lined and snorkeled and luau-ed it up.

Pics to follow.

Have a good weekend and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth it. Choose happiness.



Wednesday’s workshop

So this Wednesday was more about getting ready for Mexico trip than creating- but not entirely.
I have decided to do some art abandonment in Mexico. I wanted to do some painted rocks and so found some and started painting. They are small and hopefully won't cause the luggage Lucy's at the airport to detain me!!! I had been painting and then thought hey I wonder if I can modge podge on these little suckers!!! Wacha think?

Will post again soon from Mexico. Thanks for checking in. Be happy and be creative and be okay with not being perfect. You are enough!!!

I plan to stamp some positive phrase on the top rock. I used my paint pens for the bottom rock.


Wanna Wander??

Hey Everyone this is the art journal gypsy inviting you to wander, wonder, travel and create along with me.

Together We will see cool places and cheerfully create art journals and other imperfect but fun mixed media art.

In the next week I will head to Mexico.  Mexico has such a cool artistic vibe. The colors and textures of Mexico are worth exploring. I will create some art journal pages, And mixed media art. I am hoping to create a piece with found objects. I will be bringing some paper mache and glue and paints among other things.

Wanna come!!

If so check back on Wednesday for a peek at my work table before I head out to Mexico. I will be posting a list/pics of what I pack for creating art journaling/found object art during my trip. ¬† We’ll figure it out together and have fun along the way!

Some of you may already be familiar with me through an old website and blog I had several years ago called InkyMee.

See ya on Wednesday.