My Studio Your Space (7)

Today’s layout is a two page spread. One page is mostly journaling. The other page speaks to me / for me in a number of ways. But I swear as I was creating the layout I wasn’t conscious of why I was choosing certain stuff.

I am a literature major – so the book page. Lavender is my fav color and I enjoy flowers – so the flower. I wear my red Keds everywhere and they show it! Neither my shoes or my little studio on top of the antique store is perfect – lathe plaster is peeling off the walls in some places, there is no heating or air conditioning and other stuff. But I love it for the fact that I have a studio. I have a place that is dedicated just to creating. I am my happiest when in that space. I would live there 24/7 if I could but my dog and my Mr. resist this idea!!

Through your art journal pages you can do more that play with different art techniques. You can Journal your feelings, dreams, stuff your pissed about and much more. Many times I don’t realize why I grab a certain color or ephemera-I just let it organically happen. On a good day I stay out of the way of myself … and then tadah!!!

whether your “studio” is an unused bedroom, a garage, a kitchen table or a beautiful brand new building …

— create in your space.



Pan Pastels

What do you do with a bunch of old gift tags some Pan Pastels and an art journal — make a background of course.

Recently I was given a box full of old gift tags. I decided to use them in a two page background spread. (Which is French for I screwed up the idea I had so I decided to make a background out of it instead!) Not sure what will go on top of it yet. Layers of mistakes can sometimes surprise me as an artist. I wasn’t digging the tags after I glued them on the pages – so I tried to tear them off. Nope that dang sticky stuff really stuck it. So I decided I would paint over them. Nope again. Still didn’t like it. So I grabbed an old dress pattern with lots of lines and marks on it and Matt mediumed that baby on top. Now I wasn’t as mad at it so I decided to grab my Pan Pastels. Pan Pastels are an artist grade pigment powder kind of thing. They come in little pans like this. They last forever and the colors are very vibrant. I bought these about ten years ago and I haven’t ever found anything that goes over crinkled up tissue paper or patterns as well.

I spray hair spray on top of them to “set” it. I use cheap make up sponges to apply it or my fingers.

Here’s a pic of the finished background spread. When I’m not art journaling I am creating with gears and rust so I don’t mind the darker tones. But I realize it wouldn’t work for every artist. ( you can see that stuff on my Instagram: sherritimmons_art )!

I hope you are having a good week. Be yourself and Be happy with that!!



Weird But True (5)

Happy December. Today was about watching the muppet Xmas movie for like the fourth time while I art journaled away. I’m gonna put the Blogmas count next to the titles of these posts (mostly so I can remember which one I am on!!)

Have you ever noticed that you are sometimes pulled towards things you know scare you?

Today’s journaling page is about just that. Sometimes I just leave the quote as the focal point because it is the star of this show. It speaks to me and for me.

Washi tapes, deco papers and Distress Inks were used in today’s background collage. I like the Distress Stains from Ranger Inc. for their portability and their ease of use. (The color will wash off with some mediums so be careful).

These stains are a great way to tie a page together with a wash of color. I really dig them when traveling– I can pack in my carry on due to their size — amazeballs!!! The ones I have (probably like 30) are from one to five years old and have never dried up, or ever frozen up on me when I am too lazy to bring them home from my studio – which has no heat.

Take a gander at yesterday’s page now finished and today’s page — a two-fer!!

if you haven’t been able to carve a few minutes out to do something creative yet this week — give yourself permission to do it now. Frosting cookies, writing a short haiku, decorating the room for Xmas — all of these and much more are art and creativity.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfectly done–to be worthwhile. I am a big fan of cheerfully created imperfect art!



DAP and rust paste.

The page I’m working on today was started by smearing and smooshing DAP on the page with a plastic spreader.

Once dry I dipped my finger in Prima’s Rust Effect Paste in gold rust. This really makes the texture created with the DAP stand out crazily!!

after smearing some shoe polish wax on top of everything I tore and cut some accents from deco papers and tissues. I haven’t quite finish with this page out so will post completed page tomorrow too.

Here’s what it looks like now. It isn’t right yet but not sure what is wrong. Sometimes you have to walk away and look at it again in the morning.

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s supposed to be fun son!!!

Have a great day and be creative!



Magazine Cut Outs

You know how at this time of year we get loads and loads of magazines — well I decided to see what text I could tear out and use from them to create an art journal spread.

It is a simple and easy way to cut and paste your way to a layout. It works great when creating an inspiration board as well.

I often do this cut or tear routine when creating one of my small travel journals. There are always those pamphlets that tell about the attractions in the area – I cut and tear interesting colors and text from them to add to my journal layouts while Mr. sleeps. (What is it about vacay that sedates the Mr. and hypes the Mrs.)???

It is surprising what you can do with a magazine or pamphlet, a glue stick and some pens (besides create a ransom note) !!

Oh— i have decided to do my version of a vlog-mas that you-tubers do. I watch several you vlog every day til Xmas.

So I will be cheerfully creating imperfect art journal stuff and sharing daily til Xmas. I think I will call it ………

No idea what to call it ……….

Got any ideas??

Remember the best thing about Monday is the opportunity to start a new week and a new list. Don’t forget to put “create” on your new list this week.



Hide your mess!

December is gonna be fun for a bunch of reasons.

It’s probably gonna be messy and unexpected and then fun again. Kind of like my art journaling.

Sometimes I start a two page spread I am sure is gonna be amazeballs —— then—– the ” oh no what happened here. I am not sure where it went wrong but wrong it went” –moment. When that happens I cover it / adjust it / alter it or leave it. …. if none of that works,

I HIDE MY MESS and begin on a new page.

Here’s a pic of a two page spread that didn’t work and so is now the base layer of a new spread.

I covered the pages with a heavy body gesso. Textured it with an old comb and a water glass. Then used an acrylic glaze to color it. A magazine text cut out completed my vanishing trick.

Don’t despair …. repair.



Spraying whip cream in my dogs mouth.

Todays confession — I give my Arlo whip cream. Today’s question – Does spraying whip cream in Arlo’s mouth make me a bad person?

I wonder about things. I always have. I care too much what others think. I always have. I was spraying Redi-Whip in Arlo’s mouth today and found myself caring what someone would think about that.

The sick part about people like me who give a dang what others think about their behavior and activities, is that we also care what our own inner art critic thinks. Not the inner loving self – we seldom listen to her as much – but the inner critic who criticizes and intimidates.

I wonder why that is? I’d like to blame it on my childhood or the Diet Coke I drink non stop or religion or the purple streaks in my hair but NOPE! I give voice to that inner critic and I give it power. Identifying when it is present and needing to stop it is part of art journaling and “arting” in general.

If you, like me, art journal and find yourself listening as the inner critic says that it looks ugly or muddy — or crapped not collaged– we need to tell our inner critic to take a seat while we make this art journal page.

Creative criticism is good and healthy. But our inner critic is often something that stops creativity and taste sour.

Here’s to us creating something that brings us pleasure this weekend and actually allowing it to do just that.

Let’s try to be as happy as Arlo with whip cream all over his mouth.