Taking Tickets

Okay so I got tricked into taking tickets at Mr.’s Christmas choir performance and so today’s Blog-Mas is a pop art pop up at the last minute.

This page began as a magazine page I cut things out of. I used sharpie paint pens on top of the pic.

Remember you don’t have to know how to draw to enjoy art journaling. You could cut and paste, graffiti or whatever you enjoy. Stickers and stamps are a great way to begin. Just keep telling yourself it is for you not others — and have fun!

Have a good weekend and take some time for yourself to cheerfully create something imperfect.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth your time.




Burn baby Burn (13)

Today’s BlogMas is an art journal page I created from a magazine page. I loved this image and actually created the background to go with the pic. It spoke to me.

I usually do make backgrounds ahead of time – it’s a good way to be creative and just relax – you are just sticking stuff here and there or spray painting a stencil or mask. Maybe Mark making or ink blobbing — so no pressure.

Sometimes when creating I will wipe off my brush or maybe press the used stencil on a blank journal page. Then use that as a beginning when creating a background later for my art journal.

This layout speaks to my feeling a bit rushed – hot and frantic at times. I like to be busy but it can be just too crazy at times. My mind is usually feverishly going over whatever I am dreaming or worrying about so this image worked well with that idea.

You can Journal through your images in this way.

Happy Thursday.



Wallpaper and Shoe Polish

One of the things I love to do – is taking something and repurposing it. I truly feel happy when puzzling out what I can do with a plain Jane item to make it a holy moly item.

Truth be told – I was actually doing this BEFORE IT BECAME COOL.

Because mixed media and repurposing is so popular in the states now it is hard to feel like anything is new – but new or not — I still love it. Today I am using shoe polish and wallpaper.

This page begins with torn pieces of wallpaper and brown Shoe polish from Kiwi. (SC Johnson & Co.)

torn pieces are glued down and then using my finger I rub the shoe polish on to create depth and a waxy base that allows me to “mess” with it on the page as I create without the paper getting too mushy or muddy.

Shoe Polish tins are cheap, found in most Walmart-like stores and a fun use of a product you wouldn’t think would be on an art journal page. Wallpaper is a great usable too. Your home improvement store usually has free samples — grab a few!

I often hit up the home improvement stores for stuff I can repurpose… gears, DAP, wallpaper … … the list goes on and on. It is hit and miss but always fun!!!

So Have some fun and find some unusual way to use a very usual product in your artistic journey through art journaling.



Within (10)

Today’s Blogmas is a two page spread incorporating my gears. Those of you who don’t know my art work may be unfamiliar with my Gear Goddess series. You can find pics on my Instagram @sherritimmons_art.

I love creating pieces with the reclaimed and rusty metal I find in parking lots, at army surplus or stuff I have rusted with fire. –(Mr is still not happy with what I did in the Dutch oven – but I say it was clever and makes an excellent place to burn and rust things!!!).

Here’s a quick pic of a piece I am working on in studio right now. It is a new direction for me but I am enjoying the challenge

to see my Goddess collection — hop on Instagram. Now back to art journaling.

Today’s background was made using Tim Holtz distress stain in vintage photo. Then just for kicks I splashed witch hazel on it.

I wasn’t mad at it so I kept going. I cut some gears out of one of the amazon boxes I am getting everyday. Then painted black and finger rubbed some (it’s a technical term!) with Prima Art Extravagance rust effect paste in red rust. Some scratching, cutting, shmearing and ….. taaa dah!

I find quotes and song lyrics a great way to tell through art journal pages what we are thinking about or worried about or excited about. I often take part of one quote and mash it with parts of a different one.

I am hoping to open a small retail space and expand my art in 2019 so many of December’s thought are about that goal. Thus the quote on today’s layout.

Thanks for checking out Art Journal Gypsy BlogMas. See ya tomorrow. Here’s to cheerfully created imperfect art and art journal pages.