Keep Creating


reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!!! I am finally making posts more than when there is a full moon and I have a left hand full of cheesy crackers!!!

My new year art goals means that I am working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in my studio. It is amazing how much more I am accomplishing now that I look at it as a non negotiable.

My first class has come and gone in my new space and I was soooo happy with the experience. I have to say though that I didn’t expect my feet to hurt as badly as they did!!! Dang ten hours on my feet was no joke.

Here are some pics of the valentines book we made. We enjoyed lunch and creating and laughing together for the day.

I am working on my next class project. It is being designed right now. I have a torch gun, masking tape, a glaze, Primas Art Alchemy amazeballs products and lots of metal and wooden bits and bobs. Pics and class info to follow soon.

Signing off for now. Did this post while sitting in the car waiting for a friend and here she comes!!!



Cheerfully Create in 2018

I have chosen “Cheerfully Create in 2018” as my tagline this year.  Of course it only works if when you say it you say two thousand one eight and not two thousand eighteen.  But that is just my little hang up.

I am blessed enough to be able to create on a daily basis and to travel and experience  amazing art adventures if I want — and I want.  So here we go.

There is an Art Adventure, or two,  that I have planned in the next 60 days and  through Instagram , twitter and this blog I am so thrilled  to take you along.  Of course I will be art journaling along the way and sharing it all.

First, I will attend a Donna Downey workshop in March.  It is designed to help me in my efforts to establish a working art studio and classroom/retail space.  After Donna Downey  I will also be going to ….. wait for it…… Ireland at the end of March and into April.

In Ireland I  will have the opportunity to learn about several of the handcrafts of the Irish people, as well as their culture, and I am truly excited to see the beautiful scenery there.  I will be traveling with my three favorite broads and you know that is gonna give me some good stories.  Our last trip was a hoot and it certainly seemed like you all enjoyed reading about it.  The Ireland trip is a  tour through Craft Tours and Mr. Jim West.  I am not sure if we will be part of the episodes on his show but anything is possible.

As I write this I am eating those candy heart things that are already out for valentine’s day and seriously thinking of cracking open another diet coke to help wash them down.  Seriously how old are these candies that they sell for valentine’s day??  I may lose a tooth here!!!

Here is to cheerfully creating imperfect art in 2018.  Come Along!!




Wednesday’s Work in progress

This piece definitely has a theme. It is just barely started but I am not mad at it at all.

The lock is about what we lock away or lock out of our Heads. Gears are about the inner workings. The netting is about what we fish for and catch in our emotional nets. I love the faucet handle in the mouth!!! I definitely suffer from “faucet mouth” sometimes.

Creating themed pieces is one of my favorite things. My art journal pages often have a theme as well such as love or hate or joy etc. what would your theme be if you created a piece of art today??

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth it!! …. No matter what the “it” is.


Licking and Lapping

So I was working on the “rest of the story” blog post and heard licking and lapping. I don’t own a giraffe or an ant eater– so I knew i better check the hallway. I also knew it must be Arlo my puppy.

I go down the hall and see this he has gone into the pantry – found a jar of Jiff (evidently choosey mothers aren’t the only ones who choose it) and has chewed the lid off and is lapping and smacking away!!!! I will not be putting the left overs on my crackers!!!

Good grief!!!



Wednesday’s Workshop

Okay So I have a drawing class as I mentioned on Wednesdays. On Wednesday we became intimately acquainted with pears. Two hours of drawing the lines and curves and draw what you see and not what you think you see… you get the idea. So I thought I would post my drawing and see if anyone can tell it is a pear. It’s questionable at best!!

by the way her name is Gertrude and she is a Gemini— what— I told you we were supposed to get intimately acquainted with our pear. You try staring and drawing something for two hours and not ask his/her name or sign. … it can’t be done I tellzzz ya. It just can’t be done.

Enjoy the rest of your week and speaking of “rest of … “. I’m writing the rest of the story blog right now about the Mexico not Hawaii trip. It will be up later tonight. Check my blog tomorrow for the …”rest of the story” a.k.a. How I rolled the ATV while mud bogging in Kauai with Mr.



Rusted Bust

Okay so I am just doing a quick pic as part of Wednesdays Workshop series that I will post each Wednesday.

I had a drawing class this morning and it’s my birthday so of course I have planned way too much to do in one afternoon – but I wanted to show you what I am working on in my workshop today.

I have begun to play with PRIMA’s Patina Effect Pastes with some of my paper mache’ projects that I am designing and am thinking about teaching in 2018. — I am in love with how quickly these little pastes create such a great patina effect or rust effect. I just use my fingers (shocker I know) and rub it/spread it/spackel it on. Check it out.

I decided to cut this in half and put on one of my cradle boards that I use with my gear girls. I am still playing with it …

but I am not mad at this at all!!! I will put a door in the opening I think and make a little shrine in it. It might work!!

Whatcha think???

You can leave any comments or suggestions you think would work. Also if you subscribe / follow my website you will be sent an email whenever I post something. Who knows I could discover the fountain or youth — or a good stain remover — you don’t want to miss that!!!

Check back Friday for the “rest of the stories of the Hawaii not Mexico trip, the art journal pages I created while there and the other hazards I created while on the mudding/ATV tour.

Thanks for taking the time to check in and check it out.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth it. Time to eat some birthday cake and lie about my age!!! Gotta go. Mr. Is here and we are off to dinner.


Three Trips/Three Amazing Women/Three Bands!

Hiya Journal Gypsies – and thanks for checking back in and checking out this new website and my latest journeys and journal pages.  I am gonna jump right in and do what I do.  If you are looking for a blog about a creative journey, the love of traveling and all the stuff that happens to this art journal gypsy then you are in the right spot.

Some exciting things have happened during my blogging break  –   Probably the one I am most happy about is – wait for it – I have an art studio now!!  It is in Pocatello, Idaho on the top floor of a great antique store called Black Rail Antiques.    I am so excited to have this great space and plan to teach mixed media, technique focused classes there as well as have guest instructors.  I plan a small store of odds and ends in my studio space so I can spread the love of all that is rusted, welded and dented!!

If you are local come on by the first Friday of every month for the Pocatello Art Walk.  Many different Artists open the doors of their studios or simply set up little areas to sell from.  Another exciting thing during my blogging break is my new Boxer puppy Arlo.  He is 11 months now and definitely my fur baby.  I think I may turn into one of those old lady Artists who spend way too much time with their dog and their paints and supplies.  I already have the purple hair!!!  I traveled to Texas with him but more about that later in this post.  And speaking of the blog post — time to get on with it — here we go.

So Mr. and me got back from our “Hawaii not Mexico” trip and three days later I left to see my three girlfriends in Denver.  Three days after I returned from that trip I left for a road trip to Texas and my family there.

Those of you who used to follow me on know that I love to travel and I love unconventional art and imperfect projects and techniques.  You might also remember that I am NOT a computer person.  But  I have a new laptop and am learning how to edit with a new program and insert pics etc.  This is going to be my test blog post —  I hope it works!!!  Here are a couple pics and a bit about my trips.  More to follow in next post.

These pods look exactly like hearts to me!!

During the Hawaii not Mexico trip I had my share of tricks and spills (I swear I am starting to sense a pattern).  I had never driven an ATV before but Mr. wanted to do a mud ATV thing and I was up for it so I hopped in the drivers seat and away we went —- until we didn’t.

I am not sure exactly what i did but all of a sudden we were like this.

Of course I had to roll the thing while leading the group.

I say that the root that jumped out in front of me and grabbed my tire and flipped us over was some Artist hating, purple hair harranging –  Hawaiian conspiracy.  It wasn’t even muddy where I flipped us.  It was just embarrassing.  Notice how I am at the front of the long line of tourists.  Yep — that is just my luck.  Anyway lots of other stuff happened and I managed to get stung by a jelly fish on the lips while snorkeling!! and all kinds of other crazy stuff.  Here is how the jelly fish thing happened…  — no wait I am not going into all of that here.  You will have to see the next blog post to read about that.

Lets just say that I love Lucy or Carol Burnett could have gotten some good skit material out of me and my adventures while I travel and journal.  But enough about Hawaii (for now).  Three days after I got home from Hawaii I left for a Girlfriends trip to Denver.  Fancy Nancy, Twila and Miss Cynthia (aka the Girlfriends) and I  had an amazing time.  The dispensary, the smoking bus, the Foreigner concert at Red Rocks, the baseball game the antique and junk shopping and all will follow (and yes the Jelly fish story) with pics of that time and some of the trouble and fun we had while there.  These broads are a hoot and a half and I am lucky to have them in my life.  I love them more than I love my luggage!!!!  I will try to add some pics of the junk/treasures I bought while there.

Three days after I got back from that Girlfriend trip I loaded up my Boxer named Arlo, my suitcase and some art journal stuff into my car– and headed off for Texas to help out my daughter.  As a co-pilot he gets a gold star!!   He even managed to see some of Moab, Utah that I hadn’t counted on his seeing when he figured out how to open the hotel room door while I was out of the room and trying to score some diet coke.  I know now that a door with a lever and not a knob is not a good idea.

Three trips in one month is much more than I normally do but it was a fun crazy creative hectic time and I loved it.  I have been home a week and am still unpacking and asking myself where I am going to put even more rusted bits and pieces that I just had to have.

Have a good weekend and check back next week for the “rest of the story” and pics of the recent trips and the art journal pages created while on them.  Remember that what you create doesn’t have to be perfect — it just has to be yours.






Botanical Beauty

So Mr. And I did a self tour through the botanical gardens in Kauai today. We loved the McBryde Garden. The Allerton Garden is right across the way from McBryde –and looks amaze balls as well.

It was lovely to see the huge banyan trees, bread fruit, mango and coconut trees.

The people were warm and welcoming. We purchased a boxed lunch and enjoyed it in one of the many shaded areas. If you get the chance you should definitely check it out.

Millie the Mermaid liked it and I took a couple of pics to share.

Hawaii isn’t Mexico

So you may have noticed that the last post hardly looked like it was in Mexico.

You are correct!! Mr. And I are in Hawaii and it is a loooong story. The short version is that it is our wedding anniversary trip and the tropical storm they were having in Mexico meant rain every day all day long for the week we were supposed to be there. So of course that would be no fun at all.

So we hopped onto Costco travel and tadah– here we are. We have mud ATV toured and zip lined and snorkeled and luau-ed it up.

Pics to follow.

Have a good weekend and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth it. Choose happiness.