Art Journaling in July

Today’s layout is very Delusions ish. I am a fan of Dyan Reaveley who is the creator of the Dylusions brand and enjoy seeing her journal pages that she posts. She often takes bits of magazines and then enjoys using markers and paints and whatever she wants to play with on the page. She usually puts a phrase or word with it.

So here is mine. It is about not measuring everyone else by our ideas but rather giving them the right to choose and learn and grow and decide for themselves.

If you need a way to start a page consider just cutting out things that you like from a magazine and gluing them in. Art journaling is about creating for you or creating a place to try different styles — or creating a place to set your donut holes on while you drink your Diet Coke — but maybe that’s just me!!

See ya tomorrow. Enjoy your Fourth of July.

Wednesday’s Work in progress

This piece definitely has a theme. It is just barely started but I am not mad at it at all.

The lock is about what we lock away or lock out of our Heads. Gears are about the inner workings. The netting is about what we fish for and catch in our emotional nets. I love the faucet handle in the mouth!!! I definitely suffer from “faucet mouth” sometimes.

Creating themed pieces is one of my favorite things. My art journal pages often have a theme as well such as love or hate or joy etc. what would your theme be if you created a piece of art today??

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth it!! …. No matter what the “it” is.


Botanical Beauty

So Mr. And I did a self tour through the botanical gardens in Kauai today. We loved the McBryde Garden. The Allerton Garden is right across the way from McBryde –and looks amaze balls as well.

It was lovely to see the huge banyan trees, bread fruit, mango and coconut trees.

The people were warm and welcoming. We purchased a boxed lunch and enjoyed it in one of the many shaded areas. If you get the chance you should definitely check it out.

Millie the Mermaid liked it and I took a couple of pics to share.

Hawaii isn’t Mexico

So you may have noticed that the last post hardly looked like it was in Mexico.

You are correct!! Mr. And I are in Hawaii and it is a loooong story. The short version is that it is our wedding anniversary trip and the tropical storm they were having in Mexico meant rain every day all day long for the week we were supposed to be there. So of course that would be no fun at all.

So we hopped onto Costco travel and tadah– here we are. We have mud ATV toured and zip lined and snorkeled and luau-ed it up.

Pics to follow.

Have a good weekend and remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth it. Choose happiness.