DAP and rust paste.

The page I’m working on today was started by smearing and smooshing DAP on the page with a plastic spreader.

Once dry I dipped my finger in Prima’s Rust Effect Paste in gold rust. This really makes the texture created with the DAP stand out crazily!!

after smearing some shoe polish wax on top of everything I tore and cut some accents from deco papers and tissues. I haven’t quite finish with this page out so will post completed page tomorrow too.

Here’s what it looks like now. It isn’t right yet but not sure what is wrong. Sometimes you have to walk away and look at it again in the morning.

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s supposed to be fun son!!!

Have a great day and be creative!



Magazine Cut Outs

You know how at this time of year we get loads and loads of magazines — well I decided to see what text I could tear out and use from them to create an art journal spread.

It is a simple and easy way to cut and paste your way to a layout. It works great when creating an inspiration board as well.

I often do this cut or tear routine when creating one of my small travel journals. There are always those pamphlets that tell about the attractions in the area – I cut and tear interesting colors and text from them to add to my journal layouts while Mr. sleeps. (What is it about vacay that sedates the Mr. and hypes the Mrs.)???

It is surprising what you can do with a magazine or pamphlet, a glue stick and some pens (besides create a ransom note) !!

Oh— i have decided to do my version of a vlog-mas that you-tubers do. I watch several you vlog every day til Xmas.

So I will be cheerfully creating imperfect art journal stuff and sharing daily til Xmas. I think I will call it ………

No idea what to call it ……….

Got any ideas??

Remember the best thing about Monday is the opportunity to start a new week and a new list. Don’t forget to put “create” on your new list this week.



Art Journaling in July

Today’s layout is very Delusions ish. I am a fan of Dyan Reaveley who is the creator of the Dylusions brand and enjoy seeing her journal pages that she posts. She often takes bits of magazines and then enjoys using markers and paints and whatever she wants to play with on the page. She usually puts a phrase or word with it.

So here is mine. It is about not measuring everyone else by our ideas but rather giving them the right to choose and learn and grow and decide for themselves.

If you need a way to start a page consider just cutting out things that you like from a magazine and gluing them in. Art journaling is about creating for you or creating a place to try different styles — or creating a place to set your donut holes on while you drink your Diet Coke — but maybe that’s just me!!

See ya tomorrow. Enjoy your Fourth of July.