Weird But True (5)

Happy December. Today was about watching the muppet Xmas movie for like the fourth time while I art journaled away. I’m gonna put the Blogmas count next to the titles of these posts (mostly so I can remember which one I am on!!)

Have you ever noticed that you are sometimes pulled towards things you know scare you?

Today’s journaling page is about just that. Sometimes I just leave the quote as the focal point because it is the star of this show. It speaks to me and for me.

Washi tapes, deco papers and Distress Inks were used in today’s background collage. I like the Distress Stains from Ranger Inc. for their portability and their ease of use. (The color will wash off with some mediums so be careful).

These stains are a great way to tie a page together with a wash of color. I really dig them when traveling– I can pack in my carry on due to their size — amazeballs!!! The ones I have (probably like 30) are from one to five years old and have never dried up, or ever frozen up on me when I am too lazy to bring them home from my studio – which has no heat.

Take a gander at yesterday’s page now finished and today’s page — a two-fer!!

if you haven’t been able to carve a few minutes out to do something creative yet this week — give yourself permission to do it now. Frosting cookies, writing a short haiku, decorating the room for Xmas — all of these and much more are art and creativity.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfectly done–to be worthwhile. I am a big fan of cheerfully created imperfect art!



Author: artjournalgypsy10

I am a mixed media artist. An art journal gypsy who finds beauty in the perfectly imperfect (even before it was cool)!! I choose to cheerfully create imperfect art while traveling and at my studio in Idaho when I'm not.

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