Burn baby Burn (13)

Today’s BlogMas is an art journal page I created from a magazine page. I loved this image and actually created the background to go with the pic. It spoke to me.

I usually do make backgrounds ahead of time – it’s a good way to be creative and just relax – you are just sticking stuff here and there or spray painting a stencil or mask. Maybe Mark making or ink blobbing — so no pressure.

Sometimes when creating I will wipe off my brush or maybe press the used stencil on a blank journal page. Then use that as a beginning when creating a background later for my art journal.

This layout speaks to my feeling a bit rushed – hot and frantic at times. I like to be busy but it can be just too crazy at times. My mind is usually feverishly going over whatever I am dreaming or worrying about so this image worked well with that idea.

You can Journal through your images in this way.

Happy Thursday.



Author: artjournalgypsy10

I am a mixed media artist. An art journal gypsy who finds beauty in the perfectly imperfect (even before it was cool)!! I choose to cheerfully create imperfect art while traveling and at my studio in Idaho when I'm not.

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